Rosneft expanding cooperation with Sod Mongol Group

5 july 2018

RN-Aero (subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company) and Sod Mongol Group have signed an agreement to stipulate further expansion of cooperation in the aviation fuel supply field. New agreement guarantees stable fuel supply to new Khöshig Valley Airport in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The Parties have agreed to consider the possibility of using formula pricing based on Singapore stock exchange quotations.

Rosneft supplies gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, lubricants, fuel oil, bitumen materials and LPG to Mongolia. Owing to long-term deals the share of Rosneft in the Mongolian market has increased to 80%. In 2017 the Company supplied 0.9 mmt of light oil products to Mongolia.
In 2009 Rosneft set up joint venture Mergevan with Sod Mongol Group on the 50/50 basis. Fueling facility of the JV operates in Ulaanbaatar's Chinggis Khaan airport.
Completion of construction and commissioning of new Ulaanbaatar airport with new jet fuel supply facilities is expected in 2018.