Rosneft Aero and IATA hold technical conference for aviation specialists

9 june 2018

The conference took place at Knevichi aircraft refueling complex (Vladivostok) which in 2013 had been granted highest, green, status for its safe fueling operations by IFQP.

Among participants there were technical specialists from Aeroflot, S7 Airlines, Sheremetyevo and Koltsovo Refueling Complexes and representatives of Rosneft Aero branches in Vladivostok, Saint Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk and Samara.

Theoretical part of the conference included discussions on the items of aviation materials storage, aircraft fueling procedures and the use of refueling equipment. IFQP experts have also covered the most important changes in international aviation fuel supply regulations.

During practical workshops specialists had a chance to examine the infrastructure of the refueling complex, obtain practical skills in inspection of reservoirs, pumping and filtering stations and refueling trucks. Specialists have also gained experience in testing fuel quality and equipment operability.

Conference participants confirmed the necessity of constant and continuous interaction between IATA Fuel Quality Pool and Russian network refueling operators which may help to standardize inspection methods and procedures to determine compliance with international standards. Specialists have also encouraged main aviation fuel suppliers to implement IATA quality standard on the basis of national regulatory requirements (ATA), standards of self-regulating bodies (JIG), industry institutions (API, EI), and ICAO guidelines.

Nikita Druzhinin, Deputy CEO of Rosneft Aero for Production, thanked the participants of the workshop and noted: "The event went very smoothly. All the participants of the workshop literally soaked in all the nuances of the production processes and at the end of the conference received certificates confirming their completion of the IFQP course. I’d like to point out the performance delivered by IATA coaches that made sure all our technicians and partners got all the skills and knowledge they needed to take their professional skills to the next level."

Once the workshop was completed, the participants took tests and received international IATA certificates.

Organizer: Rosneft Aero


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