29 april 2019

Rosneft Aero is awarded a contract to fuel Aeroflot aircrafts in Sheremetyevo

The contract is for a total of 990 thousand tonnes of aviation fuel. It accounts for 54% of the total planned refuelling needs of Aeroflot Group airplanes at Sheremetyevo airport.

25 april 2019

Rosneft Aero laboratory obtains international accreditation

The experts noted the professionalism of the personnel, international level of aviation fuel, fluids and lubricants quality control performance, as well as reliability of tests and results.

24 april 2019

In Q1 RN-Aero Rosneft Aero increases the volume of into-plane refueling by 9.5% in the first quarter

Moreover in the first quarter of 2019 Rosneft Aero sold about 797 thousand tons of aviation fuel, which is 5.2% more than in the first quarter of 2018

26 november 2018

TOK LLC and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport authorities reach agreement to extend rent contract by 30 years

TOK LLC (a joint venture between Rosneft Aero and COMAX Management Company LLC) reached an agreement with the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport management to extend the period of the existing property rent contract by 30 years.