26 december 2017

Rosneft-Aero has started aviation fuelling operations at the international airport of Samara (IATA: KUF)

Entry to Samara aviation fuel market with affordable and high-quality fuelling services strengthens competitive position of Rosneft-Aero in a regional market.

7 september 2017

Rosneft and Ministry of Transport of Mongolia to Continue Cooperation on New Ulaanbaatar Airport

Rosneft and the Ministry of Road and Transport Development of Mongolia signed basic terms of cooperation for development of optimal technical solutions, commissioning of hydrant system and jet fuel supply in the new Khöshig Valley Airport in Ulaanbaatar.

28 july 2017

Rosneft Aero begins refueling in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

The deal is in line with Rosneft’s strategy to expand the network of own fuelling facilities and increase aviation fuel supply to end consumers. As a result of the deal, Rosneft Aero has brought the number of its fuelling facilities to 19.

26 june 2017

Rosneft Aero increases the cost efficiency of document management by 50 times

The introduction of a digital document management system has allowed to speed up the signing of contractual documents which now takes as little as one hour, as well as to cut costs of document delivery to parties by 50 times, as sending them by regular mail is no longer necessary.